We know it is never, ever easy for our clients to lose their four legged friends.  But when it is time for euthanasia, or if you have an unfortunate sudden loss, we are here for you.   The following options are available:

  • You can choose to take your pet’s remains home with you.  (You should, however, check with your city to find out if there are any ordinances against burial.)
  • We can take care of the remains for you.  We have them humanely cremated in a communal fashion and the ashes are scattered.
  • If you would like ashes returned to you, we offer the services of Toothacres Pet Cemetery.  They will come to our office to pick up and will return cremains to us.  You can talk to us about options from them.  The link to Toothacres’ webpage on cremation is http://www.toothacres.com/index.php/burial-services/cremations/ 

Please call us at (903) 892-2439 for current pricing on any of the above options.

Our Office Policy on Euthanasia:

Requests for euthanasia for pets that we have not recently seen or treated often brings up a serious ethical dilemma for our doctors and staff.  Recent medical and pharmaceutical advances can often help to give a patient a longer, higher quality of life.  While there are exceptions, we typically will NOT euthanize a new patient on the first office visit, but will likely recommend diagnostics and a treatment plan to help achieve a better quality of life.